Introducing the latest in cutting edge QUANTUM RESONANCE CONCEPT (QRC)

The Tierra Science LIFESPRING CARD™

Lifespring Card™

The LIFESPRING CARD™ is the intelligent way to harmonize your water, any food or beverage. Powered by TIERRA SCIENCE’s proprietary Quantum Resonance Concept (QRC), the revolutionary, patent pending pocket-sized card is designed to entangle its harmony resonance into any food or beverage.


Our bodies are made of energy. Like all matter, the human body is not just made up of physical and chemical structures, it also has subtle energy fields known as BIO-ENERGY. To achieve and maintain vibrant health, we must protect our energy frequency and flow (or circulation) throughout the body.

Experience the difference with Tierra Science QUANTUM RESONANCE CONCEPT for health and wellness.

33 Quantum Reasons


To Use The Lifespring Card™

And Add Value to Your Daily Life!

The Science of Health, Harmony & Happiness

Powered by Tierra Science’s proprietary QUANTUM RESONANCE CONCEPT (QRC), the powerful programming in the LIFESPRING CARD™ has the ability to interface with the natural harmonic resonance of consumable water, food, beverages and non-consumable liquids like lotions and cosmetics. The revolutionary carbon-fiber card is effective and easy to use grounding frequency technology that works naturally to improve your food, health & well-being. Simply wave the LIFESPRING CARD™ over your items to enjoy the benefits of Earth grounding energy. Within seconds you may experience a wide array of positive effects, energy, efficiencies, and even dramatic taste.

Assist and Enhance

Made in U.S.A. using a highly-advanced Quantum process.

LIFESPRING CARD is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease by the use of the card. Comments and notations, derived from testimonials and limited human studies, have not been evaluated by the FDA. Individual results may vary depending on personal goals and use.